Church Ministries 

Are you looking for ministry you can work in? 
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​Our Sunday School meets every Friday evening at 7:00 PM.  If you want your kids to learn more about Jesus, bring them in.

​Bethel Youth Ministry is dedicated to the advancement of Christian principles in the teens we influence.  Our goal is to be a powerful influence for Jesus in our homes, schools, and communities.  We meet every other Sunday evening for a Youth oriented service. These services may include songs, preaching, group discussions, drama, etc.  We regularly attend youth camps, retreats, and have activities that are strictly for the sake of fellowship.

Here in Teen Ministry we are working to provide each student with enduring religious values and a solid knowledge about the world they inhabit. Through meaningful curricular experiences, we hope to foster personal growth and make self-education a lifelong pursuit. To learn more about our mission, values and educational programs, get in touch today.


Mission Field is one of the unique ministries to be in. See our upcoming trips and if that's something that God is calling you to do sign up.